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Frequently Asked Questions

I have partnered with Sudor to bring you a fitness app with all my home workouts in one easily accessible place. When you sign up to the app you will be able to access it form your phone or ipad to workout with me. You will see live sessions every day if you prefer to join me live or there is a library of workouts that you can do in your own time. Workouts include a whole range to suit all levels including 10 minute back mobility, 20 minute legs and bum, 30 minute core, 45 minute flexibility & balance, 60 minute full body, 5 minute exercise tutorials and more.

I specialise in fitness for the over 40’s and the workouts are all focused on functional training. As we get older we don’t need to do anything crazy, we need to move the focus to strength and conditioning. As we get older we start to lose lean muscle mass so these sessions focus on getting that back as well as encouraging the joints to move. We can literally stop and even reverse these signs of ageing. If you don’t move it you lose it. The functional mobility sessions are great for that! All low impact mat work. Technique is really important and I talk you through every session so you feel supported and encouraged. If you’re looking for an advanced strength building session then the full body advanced fitness is the one for you. Pick and choose between the different workout types or try a combination. The weekly core sessions are really popular but you need to focus on other areas too.

No, you don’t have to have any equipment at all. If you’re a beginner then I advise not using any weights or just holding 2 food cans – so long as they weigh the same. The most important point is to move your joints through as full a range of motion as possible so if you are restricted when holding a weight then start with no weights at all just to get the movement right. You can then gradually build on that.
The cost is £24 a month but you can use the discount code ALLYATKINS50 for a free 7 day trial and 50% off your first month. I hope you love what you see but if you don’t then you can cancel at any time.

Please contact Ally with any exercise or fitness questions using the form below and if you need help with the app or payments then please contact Sudor direct. We’re all here to make your journey as stress free as possible. We’re a team.

Most Popular Questions

Yes you can change your profile photo at any time within the App.

Yes obviously Security is an important aspect of any app and as such you are able to change your password as and when required.

Within the space of a few sessions you will start to see benefits from my workouts. But the aim is to build this into your life style and routines moving forwards so you see longterm benefits.

you are able to cancel your subscription at any time from within the app, however please be aware that you will only see the full benefits from my app with an active subscription.

Yes I provide face 2 face training sessions in the local area that are tailored to individual needs. However availability is limited due to the popularity of these classes so I would ask you to drop me a message to check availability.

I do offer tips and advice through my blog and social media feeds for general fitness and nutrition so please ensure you follow my socials and sign up to my newsletter.

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