The importance of strength training

My particular focus with this website and the routines that I do is strength training and there is very good reason for that. As we age, strength training is crucial for maintaining the ability to have an active independent lifestyle. The average 70 to 75 year old will experience roughly a 25% decline in his […]

Why your bum matters

The gluteus maximums, medius and minimus (bum muscles) are the largest and strongest muscles in your body yet they are often ignored. These muscles work to extend, rotate and stabilise the hip and it is the control of this extension and rotation that is very important. If your glutes are inactive for long periods then […]

Is running bad for you?

I know a number of people in their mid 40’s who are experiencing aches and pains and are wondering whether they should stop running. Impacting the same joint over and over again without any consideration for the rest of your structure is never a good idea. You wouldn’t do bicep curls for an hour 3 […]

Bicep curl technique

I was at the gym whilst on holiday recently and there was a guy doing bicep curls using weights that were clearly too heavy for him. He was using momentum to curl the weight, he wasn’t fully extending his arms, his elbows were all over the place and his trunk was swinging forwards and backwards […]