About Ally

Here goes....

Hi, I’m Ally,
I’m a Functional Mobility Specialist, a Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer, a Level 2 Fitness Instructor and I have a BSc Hons from Exeter University as well as a Dip CSM. 

I’m 49 and am married with 2 daughters. I recently started my 2nd degree, which is in Naturopathic Nutrition because I’m passionate about the incredible changes you can make by altering your lifestyle – even the smallest changes can make the biggest difference when you are consistent. 

I had my own health issues in my 30’s, which led me on a path of endless doctor visits and life-long medication. Thankfully I turned my health around, came off all medication and solved all my symptoms naturally. I turned my focus to helping others to do the same. Diet and lifestyle really are the key to longevity and often the answers are far more simple than you realise. 

I’ve helped many women (and men) improve their health and well-being and am proud to have an app that clients regularly use to stay on top of their workouts. The 10 minute workouts are the most popular and they really make a difference. Change doesn’t have to be difficult. I hope you find my pages useful. Please subscribe to my emails for all the latest updates.

I Aim To Achieve

As a personal trainer my main focus is my clients and each one is as individual as their fingerprints. One size definitely does not fit all. I find out as much as I can about you, your past lifestyle, any injuries / aches / pains, your current lifestyle and your goals.
I then conduct a posture and flexibility assessment and devise a work-out based on all the outcomes. I can guide you along the way or devise work-outs that you can do on your own. It is all home based – either at yours if you live in Berkhamsted or at mine. Whether you are new to exercise or not. It’s about finding a regime that works. If you’d rather train with a friend then I’m happy to do 2:1 but it helps if you’re of a similar fitness level so you can spur each other on. If you’re too different in ability then you will be doing different exercises.

What Clients Have To Say


This Sunday class with Ally has become my favourite way to start every Sunday! It's the perfect mix of opening, stretching and strengthening to set you up for the day! Love it! Thank you Ally


This class really slows you down & Ally really explains how to engage the core muscles.


Another great start to the weekend, every week Alex encourages us to push a bit further.. My husband and I have very different fitness levels but the session challenges us both!


Ally is a great PT, She explains everything clearly and encourages you throughout the class. A really enjoyable session which definitely helped me!


Great Full body workout, targeting all the right places! Alex Keeps you motivated throughout and always makes time for good stretching at the end.


I loved this session, The hip work is an important addition to my running. I love this class!


Ally is great, She is knowledgeable, and thorough, and always gets you to stretch safely at the end.


Started doing these sessions a few weeks ago and they are brilliant. The sessions are intense but effective and all in 39 mins! Ally explains it really well and its the perfect start to a Sunday! Highly recommend.


Great session! Highly Recommend.


Ally Atkins is a fantastic PT. She has a loverly, kind & caring approach teaching you to listen to your body whilst at the same time, being motivating and encouraging you to challenge yourself. The Abs sessions is so effective & I'm noticing a difference.


Really enjoyed this session. Felt like it really helped my flexibility