The Best Exercises for Over 40’s

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It’s true to say that exercise matters but the best forms of exercise for long term health can be confusing. As we head through our 40’s, 50’s and beyond the aches and pains can creep in. Back pain is common as well as knee pain, hip problems and shoulder tightness. I often hear ‘I’m getting old’ but this isn’t helpful because it can mean a mindset that accepts this as inevitable and out of our control. 

What do people often do when they experience these warnings? They take pain killers and carry on…… but numbing the pain is masking the symptoms and not fixing anything. You can improve your quality of life and your biological age with exercises that actually help you. It’s not about exercising for a ‘summer body’, it’s about your future self getting strong, mobile and metabolically healthy.

If you have joint pain and tightness then your body is likely being impacted in the wrong way. This is where strength training can be hugely beneficial. I’ve seen people make incredible changes to their quality of life by shifting their mindset as well as improving strength in their key muscle groups. 

Do you feel you’ve lost strength in your bum as well as your core? You’re certainly not alone as this is a common concern. Are you doing sit ups but not getting anywhere or feeling pain? Sit ups are actually best avoided because they’re far more likely to strain your neck and hips than actually strengthen your abs. There are much more productive options, which strengthen your deepest muscles first without compromising other areas.

You’d be surprised how many people become afraid of exercise as they get older, sometimes due to injury and sometimes due to never really knowing what to do to get fit. The key is strength building and good technique, which is what I love so you’re in the right place. 

My most popular exercise routines on my app are only 10 minutes long but they’re targeted. You’d be amazed what you can achieve with 10 minutes of focused training. 10 minutes per day is a brilliant starting point and my most successful programme. Details to sign up are on my homepage.

If you’d like more than 10 minutes then there are numerous workouts from the most basic level to advanced.

Please message me if you have any questions. The best time to start is now!

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